Here are some of Dr. Maggie's Wellness

* Choose a chair that is firm enough to
support you comfortably, and do not
* Sit with your feet flat on the floor or on
a low footstool so that your knees are
slightly higher than your hips.  Sit firmly
against the back of the chair.
Stand with your head level.
* When you have to stand in one place
for long periods of time, put one foot on
a 4-6-inch stool to help keep pressure
off your spine.
* Take frequent stretch breaks if you
have to sit for a long time.
* Choose a chair that tilts back so you
can rest while you are reading what is on
your computer screen.
* Avoid twisting and turning motions
when you lift.  If you have to turn to
place the object, step in the direction of
the turn, do not just twist at the waist.
* When using the telephone, avoid
cradling the receiver between your neck
and shoulder.  Hold the phone in your
hand or use speakerphone instead.
*  Sleep on your side with your knees
bent or on your back with a pillow under
your knees.  Avoid sleeping on your
* Use a pillow that supports your head so
that your neck and vertebrae are level
with the rest of your spine as you sleep.
Avoid sleeping on two pillows.

Take these simple steps to avoid injuries.
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